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Welcome at UFO-CASES.COM

At our website you’ll find the best UFO documentations at the web.

We do only publish serious, proofed UFO cases – the bullshit we leave to others.

We do normally not publish single pictures and/or snapshots or short UFO videos. Our target is to get the best UFO documentations from all over the world together at this website creating a complete UFO video source for you, the people, which are interested in UFO’s and Alien visitors on earth.

UFO-CASES.com means serious investigation of the UFO Phenomenon – best documentations, research and evidence. We are your source for the best videos and movies about the UFO case worldwide. Therefor we are investigating the internet and cooperating with serval UFO Research Groups to get the best documentation material together for you. We get you the truth about UFO’s summarized.

Continously we add new documentations, videos and movies. So, please come back regulary to checkout the best UFO source at the web.

We get you the truth about UFO’s summarized at this website.

Further, our team is busy setting up a complete network about ongoing UFO acivities and anomalies around the world.

Please stay tuned as we will update you here daily.

Thank you!


For our german speaking guests:

UFO-CASES.com – Untersuchung des UFO-Phänomens – Dokumentationen, Forschung, Beweise. Wir sind die erste Quelle für die besten UFO-Dokumentation, Videos und Filme weltweit. In Kooperation mit vielen UFO-Forschungsgruppen stellen wir Ihnen das beste Dokumentations-Material zusammen. Wir zeigen Ihnen die Wahrheit über UFOs zusammengefasst auf einer Webseite.

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