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How to view the ISS (International Space Station) in action?

Live video from the ISS is streamed below. You can view day-to-day operations aboard the ISS whenever its signals are being received by the ground. During the crew’s normal working hours, you can watch them live working and perform maintenance chores. At other times, you can view awesome pictures of the Earth captured by the ISS’s external cameras. (When the ISS’s signals are not being received, the screen will be blank.)
Have fun and watch whats going on around the station…

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Where is the International Space Station now?

There are several applications on the Internet to help you keep track of the ISS’s position. For example, ISS Tracker XI, from the European Space Agency (ESA), performs real time ISS tracking. The world map in the upper pane shows the locations on Earth over which the ISS is flying. And it also shows the horizon circle and orbital path of the ISS. Locations within the horizon circle can seethe ISS above the horizon at the present time. The orbital path of the ISS shows its previous, current, and next orbits. You can check the orbital path to see if the space station will be passing over your location soon. (Of course, this only works for the ISS’s very next orbit.)

Down below is international space station tracking map, which track iss position in real time.

The lower pane shows that part of the Earth that is below the space station at the current time. You can display either Google Maps or satellite imagery. The pin represents the point on the ground that is directly below the ISS.

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