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Black Box UFO Secrets – Docu 2014

Many pilots and astronauts talk about their encounters with UFOs. Comprehensive documentation with many original recordings of pilots, confirmed by radar and previously unreleased NASA material. German translation: Viele Piloten und Astronauten berichten über ihre Begegnungen mit UFOs. Umfassende Dokumentation mit vielen Original-Aufnahmen von Piloten, bestätigt durch Radar und bisher …

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The Alien Agenda

The Alien Agenda – UFO sightings and revelations – reportage / documentary about a real phenomenon. English with German subtitles. Die Alien Agenda – UFO Sichtungen und Enthüllungen – Reportage / Dokumentation über ein reales Phänomen. Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln. La Agenda Alien – avistamientos de ovnis y revelaciones – …

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UFOs in Australia – extraordinary UFO sightings and encounters documentary 2013

OZ Encounters a remarkable eye-popping one-hour documentary that features extraordinary Australien UFO sightings and encounters. The result is an amazing cross-section of case studies from all walks of life–farmers, bank managers, wedding photographers, nurses, doctors, children, housewives. These people’s experiences range from multiple sightings and encounters to abductions. OZ Encounters …

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