The 1967 Malmstrom Air Force Base UFO incidents testified by Robert Salas

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This whole information is a summary from Robert Salas and was original published at the website “”.
As it shows this website was hacked or compromised we take the risk to publish it here in its origin:

The attached file is a Summation of the evidence in support of the Echo and Oscar Flight shutdowns.

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The Echo Flight incident occurred on March 16, 1967. The Missile Crew Commander was Captain Eric Carlson. His deputy was Lt. Walter Figel. Early in my investigation of the Echo flight shutdowns, I contacted Eric Carlson and he responded by mail. The attached are his letter responses signed by Mr. Carlson. The first letter, dated August 20, 1996 was sent soon after my phone conversation with Walt Figel. I have an audio recording of that conversation which I will post at a later date.In that conversation with Figel, he confirms reports of UFOs during the shutdown of Echo flight.

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Mr. Robert Kaminski was designated by the Boeing Company to form a team tof engineers to investigate the Echo Flight shutdown of March 16, 1967. This was done under an existing Air Force contract in support of the Minuteman 1 system. The attached is a letter he wrote to James Klotz (co-author of Faded Giant).

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Col.(ret) Frederick C. Meiwald was my missile crew commander when our missiles were disabled during a UFO encounter on March 24, 1967. The attached letter describes a portion of what he recalled in 1996.

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Walt Figel and I at the 2007 MUFON Conference in Denver. Walt listened to my presentation and told me I had represented his story correctly. I first contacted Walt Figel in 1996 and recorded our telephone conversation. Below is an excerpt of that conversation.

Walt Figel 96

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