The Alien Interview

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The following video footage is highly controversial because of it’s origin, source and the circumstances in which it came to public. If this footage is real, as some experts claim, it is the most important piece of video footage in the UFO/Alien research history.
The man who published the tape calles himself “Victor”. Tom Coleman of the film company “Rocket Pictures” has spoken to him.
Tom Coleman: “Victor has allowed us to check his whole background. We made it clear from the outset that his credibility is very important. We have analyzed everything. Victor wanted only one thing: We were not allowed his face to show even his real name. ”
In the video Victor was therefore made unrecognizable.
The alien was detained – according to Victor – in “Area 51”.
Victor says: “The alien was living very shielded because it is sensitive to bacteria. The rooms were for his own protection set up so that the alien had no contact.”
The Alien said phrases like:
► “The human body is a container which must operate as efficiently as possible.”
► “The soul travels from tank to tank.”

When asked how that runs technically, the alien said:

► “It is not important whether it is a technical question. Technology is just a process, it must simply be accepted. The question is unimportant. It’s simply like that. ”

However, the original tape that Victor brought to the public is without sound. Victor says he deleted the sound, so no one of the participants could be identified. The records are from 27 April 1989.

Here is the “Alien Interview”, and, as always: you decide:

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