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Here we provide downloads of special UFO-books and UFO-ebooks in English language for several decades about the UFO phenomenon-exploration as well as historical UFO-books available since the beginning of the modern UFO era. To read the PDF-files you need the free Adobe Reader, which you can download right here.

Hier stellen wir Ihnen Sonderbände und Bücher in englischer Sprache aus mehreren Jahrzehnten der Ufo-Phänomen-Erforschung sowie auch historische Bücher seit Beginn der neuzeitlichen UFO-Ära zur Verfügung. Zum Lesen der PDF-Dateien benötigen Sie die kostenlose Software Adobe Reader, welche Sie hier direkt herunterladen können.

UFOs: A New Look, a special Report by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP, 1969, englisch, Onlineversion).

Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects – Hearings before the Committee on Science and Astronautics U.S. House of Representatives (1968, englisch, ext. Download, PDF, 45,7 MB).

The UFO Handbook – A guide to the investigation, assessment and reporting of UFO sightings. The standard work for practical UFO research by Allan Hendry from 1979 (PDF, 18,2 MB)

UFO Study – Part 1: UFO Investigation (Second Edition, 2009), Publication of the well-known British UFO researcher Jenny Randles (ext. Download, PDF 3,8 MB).

Condon Report on UFOs (1968), scientific study on unidentified flying objects. Final Report of the University of Colorado in 1968, based on the Project Blue Book (Online Version).

On Pilots and UFOs (1997), a collection of interesting UFO sightings by pilots from the Blue Book documents and reports from the Spanish Air Force by Willy Smith (PDF, 20 MB)

Flying Saucers from Outer Space (1953) from Major Donald E. Keyhoe (Onlineversion).

Ufology (1976) from James M. McCampbell (Onlineversion).

Flying Saucers – Fact or Fiction? (1957), from Max B. Miller (ext. Download, PDF, 24 MB).

The UFO-Evidence (1964) from NICAP (ext. Download, PDF, 4,7 MB).

Report on the UFO Wave of 1947 (1967, updated 2005) from Ted Bloecher (Onlineversion).

Alfred Loedding & the great Flying Saucer wave of 1947 (1998) from Michael D. Hall and Wendy A. Connors (ext. Download, PDF, 2,4 MB).

Advanced Aerial Devices reported during the Korean War (1990) from Richard F. Haines (Onlineversion).

The Challenge of Unidentified Flying Objects (1961) from Charles A. Maney and Richard Hall (Onlineversion).

Regional Encounters – The FC Files (1994) from Francis Ridge, The UFO Filter Center (ext, Download, PDF, 1,6 MB).

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